Beth + Paul's Wedding

Yesterday, we headed to Albuquerque for the wedding of Paul, one of our friends from 7000 BC, and Beth. Ceremony was held at the (a?) chapel on the UNM campus. A nice, hour-long ceremony

I got awfully hung up on some of the artwork on the walls there.

We moved over to the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History for the reception; the ceremony ended around 3:00, the reception was due to start at 5:00. We were giving a ride to a friend, stopped by his place to pick up a projection screen for the reception, and made it to the museum by 4:00. That left us some time to head through the Billy the Kid exhibit and see some of the other artwork in the collection there.

By around 5:00, the museum attendees had been booted out and the lobby area transformed for the reception. And when the bride and groom arrived, their wedding party was there to surprise them with an arch of light sabers.

There was a little dancing, then toasts. Then, per Beth's family tradition, dessert before dinner. Long ago cautioned by her grandmother to have dessert first, 'cause you never know, they cut the wedding cake . . .

as well as the groom's cake, shown here with the translation from Polish.

Traditional New Mexican fare for dinner by Garcia's Kitchen. More dancing after dinner, fueled by the eclectic mix on the couple's iPod, an electronic slideshow of embarrassing childhood photos assembled by the groom's mother, and some more dessert.

A good time, they're a great couple, and we're happy to have been a part of their day.

(Paul, for his day job, did the old sci-fi-magazine-type illustrations for the city of Roswell advertising campaign — you can see them over at the bottom of the page for the Roswell UFO Festival, which is going on right now).