Show Opening

Friday night was the opening of an exhibit of work from 7000 BC, our comics creators group, at North Fourth in Albuquerque. Strip: Undressing Comics focuses on the processes of various creators, showing how comics get made from initial script ideas, through preliminary artwork, to finished piece. Nineteen projects from fourteen creators from our group are represented, a total of about 210 pieces on the wall. Rob, from North Fourth, along with 7000 BC members Jeff and Pete, really hustled, gathering up all the work, figuring out how to display it, and then making it happen. Monica coordinated and handled all the wall labels for the artwork, while I was gathering artwork from the Santa Feans, writing bios, and helping with the PR.

Our various Raised By Squirrels projects are featured along one wall; in addition to the stories we do, there's work from five other artists we've worked with, making for an interesting overview and comparison. And I learned a few new things about how our collaborators work.

The opening was well-attended, I thought. It was right before a dance performance and we got some of those attendees looking at the artwork — a couple commented that they were pleasantly surprised to find us there.

More photos at Flickr.

Off on the quarterly business trip now. So far, more than an hour delayed getting out of ABQ because of "weather in Dallas."

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