Mr. Big

Today Carol and Matt Dembicki's Mr. Big hit the (comic) stores. You should own this.

It's the tale of the turtle that lives in their back yard — how the other inhabitants of the pond decide they want to get rid of him, and what happens when an unexpected element is introduced. It's gorgeous and original.

We met Matt shortly before we moved out here, when they'd just been written up in the City Paper and had a few installments of the story completed. Now they've wrapped up their story,* got a publisher (heck, the publisher started an imprint so they could carry it), and their book is out in the wide world. So, am I jealous? Sure, I'll admit that. But do they deserve the recognition that's sure to come from this book? You'd better believe it.

There's only (now defunct) pre-order information at the Web site, but your local (comic) book store should be able to get a copy.

* Haven't read the end myself; everything up to the last chapter was serialized. I'm going to settle in at some point this weekend and enjoy the whole thing in one sitting.

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