Foil Tournament at DCF

Competed in a little tournament yesterday at Duke City Fencing in Albuquerque. Fifteen people, I think except the four of us from NMFF, all members of that club. Started with three pools of five to get seeding, then proceeded to a direct elimination. Started off well, winning the first two in my pool. Then, the adrenaline high wore off, and I was left having to think about what I was doing and got a little lost; actually, started to happen at the end of one of the bouts I won, leaving me having to figure out how I'd gotten where I did.

Lost my first in the direct elimination to Duke City's coach, who I had beat in the first round. Made her work for it, though. I eventually figured out what I needed to do to win but my body wasn't paying attention.

Jamey, our coach, eventually finished second, and another teammate, Jake, third.

I was behind the camera so there's no photos of me, but here's my teammate Gavin. He also leads with his foot.


Bram said...

OK, I should probably clarify that I intend Gavin no disrespect, and that he:

1. is less than half my age;
2. is ordinarily an epee fencer; and
3. finished higher than me.

jraphael said...

Curses! Foiled again.

That never gets old. Not for me at least.