Saturday Around Santa Fe

Started off at the Farmers Market, some burritos and checking out the fall produce. Got a few of the (probably) last roasted chiles, some red to go with the green this time, and a few other things.

Stopped by to visit our friend Caleb at his last day of employment at my former workplace. Continued on downtown to check out the Zebulon Pike celebration at the Palace of the Governors; there was just a small group of reenactors there, so we spent most of the time talking with James at the Press.

Ducked over to the library to see the show of work from the Book Arts Group. Beautiful, varied mix of handmade books; my favorite: a batwing shaped book of drawings of bats with its accompanying batwing shaped box.

Then, because I was remembering my museums and opening exhibits incorrectly, we headed up to the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture at Museum Hill. Used our new memberships to get it and check out the exhibits, including a stunning collection of Diné weaving. Also discovered a little trail that leads around the arroyo in the back.

That wrapped up our outing for the day, but we headed back out this evening to check out the new barbecue place in town, Whole Hog Cafe, opened recently by an Arkansas transplant. Ribs (wet) with the collection of sauces on the table and some sweet tea. It wasn't Memphis, but it will do just fine. I went there sporting my new Minnesota State Fair tshirt that arrived from P+T today (thanks!).


paul said...

Man, that's the coolest t-shirt I have ever sort of seen!

pagalina said...

beer goggles? :)

Bram said...

Nope — sweet tea, all the way!

monica said...

I think she meant me.
I just wanted to take the dang photo already so I could EAT MY RIBS!