Farmers Markets Photo Essay

Headed to the Farmers Market for the first time since they moved outside again, about a month ago. I have to confess, I like the market more for the whole scene more than any particular produce — this is a harsh growing climate, and the vegetables come in fewer and later than we'd become used to in Virginia. (Click for larger.)



Marsha 'Mars' said...

Yarn to hurry back to Santa Fe for !!!

jraphael said...

The compost bins aren't bad, but they are a little on the sissy side.

pagalina said...

Coffins??? at a farmer's market? freaky!

monica said...

they may look sissy, but they're FULL OF RED WORMS!!!!!

yeah, but you can use them as BOOKCASES or WINE RACKS until you die!

So totally NOT freaky!

pagalina said...

actually the coffin-shaped urns were quite interesting!