Some of the young fencers in the New Mexico Fencing Foundation, the group I fence with, are featured in today's Santa Fe New Mexican. They're going to the Junior Olympics next weekend in, interestingly, Hartford, Connecticut — one town over from where I grew up, and where I used to fence.

(Though the article is really about the kids, I snuck into that first photo; look for the wrist strap on my sword hand and the bad form)


Update: OK, as Sherry noted, it looks like you can't get to the link without being a SFNM subscriber. And I was so proud of how clever I was, getting through their online, page-by-page reproduction, pulling code out of their pop-up window.

So here's the photo (by Karl Stolleis). The caption reads "Trevor Schmitt, left, watches practice bouts at the Chavez center. The St. Michael’s student, 16, says fencing is ‘an honorable sport.’ "

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Sherry said...

shucks... couldn't find the article, your wrist strap, or (supposedly) bad form. Did go to the Fencing Foundation Web site... you didn't make the kids photo!