a little joke for today

Three guys are waiting at the the pearly gates for their entrance exam with Saint Peter. He calls the first one over and asks "What do you know about Easter?"

"That's the one in summer when you have the day off, right? And sometimes there's a parade with Uncle Sam and marching bands, and a big barbecue or a picnic, and afterwards there's a big fireworks display—"

"Uh, okay," interrupts Saint Peter, "could you just wait over there for a moment? Thanks." He calls over the second guy and asks, "What can you tell me about Easter?"

"Well, that's the day where your whole family comes together, and you eat a huge turkey dinner. Afterwards, you all sit around and either sleep, or watch football. And the next day you go shopping!"

"Riiiiight," says Saint Peter, "Why don't you go wait over there with the first guy. I'll get back to you." He then motions over the third guys and asks, "I don't suppose you know anything about Easter, do you?"

"Oh, sure! That's when the Romans crucified Jesus! They put Him up on the cross, and He died, and they took Him down off the cross, and they buried Him, and rolled a big rock in front of His tomb, and—"

"Hold it right there," says Saint Peter. "You two! Come over here. I want you to hear what this man has to say!" The first two join them and and he turns back to the third man and says, "Please tell these gentlemen what you were telling me."

"Sure," says the third man, "well, like I was saying, Easter is when they crucified Jesus, and He died on the cross, and they took Him down and buried Him in a tomb, and rolled a big rock in front of it, and three days later, they came back, and they rolled the rock away, and Jesus was alive, and He came out of His tomb, and saw His shadow, and they had six more weeks of winter!"


Paul said...

"Third Guy" is Mel Gibson, right?

monica said...

Probably. WWPJD?
(what would Punxsutawney Jesus do?)