Inking In On The Calendar

We've got the movers scheduled to come and take away everything but a Volkswagen Golf's worth of our possessions on Friday, May 6. Then, we plan to spend a day cleaning the place up and participating in one last courtyard barbecue, and hitting the road on May 8. We have an address, a phone number, and power waiting for us in Santa Fe; and sometime after, Monica's car should meet us in Albuquerque.

When a friend heard we were making the drive ourselves, he insisted that I read Steinbeck's Travels With Charlie. Haven't read any Steinbeck since Of Mice And Men in high school, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go from the passenger's seat.


andy said...

Three Questions :

Which one of yall is Lenny ?

So how much does it cost to Fedex a car ?

Anyone want a low milage 98 CRV 4wd loaded? Delivery included.

Bram said...

1. No, no, wrong Steinbeck. This is him and his . . . poodle. So you'll understand if I still don't answer the who's who part.

2. We're not actually using FedEx, but another service that delivers point to point (Manassas to Albuquerque). It's gonna cost about what it would cost us to buy another ol' Nissan.

3. Does Liz know you're doing this?