Oh, and hung out with the designer of the NASA "worm" logo, NBD

Design Corps, the local organization of professional creatives, hosted Bruce Blackburn for one of its Coffee Talks. I know Bruce as the owner of Cheyenne's brother, but he recently got some publicity when a reprint of the classic NASA Standards Manual he worked on was a Kickstarter. Oh, yeah, I backed it.

The Corps' founders are neighbors of his, I'd brought up the idea of him talking, but it was really just a matter of time. So last Wednesday, about a dozen of us sat around with coffee and pastries to hear stories about how this landmark piece of visual communications came about. It was awesome.

So much of it was a product of its time, from the visual aesthetic to the new thinking about government communications. But at the same time, it's clear that a lot about the design business never changes. He was an entertaining speaker, full of sharp observations and commentary.

Yes, it's entirely possible that afterwards I went up to him like a fanboy to get my book signed.

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