The Lowriders of Summer

Friday was the big public opening of Con Cariño at the New Mexico Museum of Art, an exhibit Monica's been working on that's part of "Lowrider Summer," which also encompasses the New Mexico History Museum.

The highlight — for me, at least — was an appearance by Rose B. Simpson's Maria, which I first heard about at her Creative Mornings talk a couple weeks back. One of my former students had work at the Strangers Collective opening, so I missed her arrival. But:

So. Sweet.

And today was the big Lowrider Day on the Plaza (so declared by the mayor). Biked downtown to catch the end of the procession — and speaking of the mayor, right there:

Walked around as they circled and found their parking, some showing off their hydraulics in the last corner.

Spent the rest of the afternoon, walking around, checking the cars. As well as the bikes at Museum of Art.

Stuck around for a few minutes of the hopping before having to head back. Had to prep the final print files for a comic I've been lettering and designing for the past few months.

One of these two is my favorite, I think.

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M & D said...

And Aunt Nell's 1984 Buick could have been part of the show...but NOOO!!!