this year’s Spoonflower calendar towel contest

Hey everyone! Are you tired of campaign ads? Wouldn’t you rather watch a lavishly-produced musical number, sung in Hindi? Well then, please vote for my Bollywood Mehndi design (at left, there) that's in the current "Fabric of the Week" contest over at Spoonflower! Trust me, it's more fun than Big Bird with a binder full of women!

All the designs appear in random order, so you'll probably have to page through a few screens (there are 12 total) before seeing mine. You can vote for as many or as few designs as you like (not just mine) by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design(s) you select for voting. You submit all your choices after reviewing them. Any and all votes are appreciated! Voting ends Wednesday, October 24

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Page H. said...

I went back to naked and angry recently, and threadless has SORT of resurrected it. have you ever gotten fabric from spoonflower?