more voting!

Hey everyone! Are you tired of campaign ads? Too bad! Here's one more: Please vote for my design (at left, there) that's in the current "Fabric of the Week" contest over at Spoonflower! All those other designs are Washington Insiders who Want to Raise Your Taxes and Eat Puppies for Lunch.

This week it's 2011 calendar towels. I hope Rula isn't angry at me for not entering her favorite!

All the designs appear in random order, so you'll probably have to page through a few screens (there are 10 total) before seeing mine. You can vote for as many or as few designs as you like (not just mine) by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design(s) you select for voting. You submit all your votes on the last page. Any and all votes are appreciated!

The American Coalition for Awesome Tea Towels is responsible for the content of this post.

UPDATE: Made the top ten again! Thanks to everyone who voted!


clairz said...

Thank you for this link. This was really fun, and I voted for yours and several more.

Stacy said...

I love this, you get my vote!

M & D M said...

Voted several times, but only for you.
When do we get our WWE tee shirts?

Connecticut election officials may put the smackdown on people wearing World Wrestling Entertainment garb to the polls, saying it could be construed as electioneering for Republican candidate and former WWE executive Linda McMahon.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1010/44043.html#ixzz14XMqOUhL