"I think it's a spider," said the barely discernible figure on our roof.


The repairman, peering into our air conditioning unit by the light of his little LED flashlight, caught my amused tone. "Yeah, there something on one of the contacts. I can see legs."

I don't think any of us were particularly happy about repairs at 9 PM; though I had called a half-hour earlier to cancel the visit, Zack showed up just as the opening credits were about to roll on Fantastic Mr. Fox and we were about to enjoy our sandwiches. He wearily said that the last job was more complicated than expected, and that seemed an understatement.

Monica, running home earlier in the day, had noticed the air conditioner wasn't blowing any cold air. A good excuse to bring the dog into work, where it's much cooler in our near-record-setting heat. She called the company that moved the unit when we had the roof insulated.

Turns out, it's not the brand they install or usually service. But a good eye and some sandpaper was, apparently, all that was needed to get it running. And sitting out in the yard in the cool night, under the stars, the dog finding her bone in the grass — that wasn't so bad.


Work's been busy, but there haven't been much other goings-on; yard work, we enjoyed Inception. Things are about to pick up. Afternoon-long 7000 BC meeting in a little bit, we're going to try to stop by a new exhibit Monica worked on (that we got a preview of a couple months back; John's half the exhibit, though it doesn't say so at the site).

Tomorrow, after chores, we're off to the Apprentice Showcase at the Opera with Jon and Susanne. In charge of the tailgate fare, I think we're just leaning toward fancy sandwiches.


andy said...

had the exact opposite problem but same cause. gas stove wouldnt start. apparently bug carcas was blocking the hole for the pilot light's gas.

Bram said...

We join Carol & Doug with the red ants in their air conditioning and Raph with groundhog in his well mechanism in the weird ways that critters are messing up our homes.