An Evening with the Santa Fe Barman

Been following The Santa Fe Barman for a while now and, Wednesday, finally made it to Secreto to meet Chris.

Passed an enjoyable, rainy evening there, letting him choose drinks for us, often using the array of fresh fruits and herbs along the bar. And sometimes the homemade bitters and tinctures, some of which are supposed to be available soon. Learning from vacation, had dinner at the bar, where we could mix and match and get a just the right amount. Good conversation and a fun break in what's been an unremarkable couple weeks.

Last weekend, actually rained pretty much the whole time. Did get out first thing Saturday for the dog's 30,000 mile checkup, and then onto the Farmers Market where the gray skies were welcome and the good vegetables are appearing. The rain came Saturday afternoon, good because I was mostly computer-bound. Productive, but still. Did have a great time with Jon and Susanne over Sunday; for dessert, a tart using our tree's apricots that we weren't supposed to let fruit but never believed would.

And back on the computer for most of today. A brief power outage last week (perhaps unrelated) threw the wireless network into a fit that, fingers crossed, seems to be fixed.


Chris said...

Thanks Bram. It was a pleasure serving and getting to know you. Hope we can do it again!


Chris said...

It was a pleasure meeting and serving you. Hope to do it again!!