Aspen Vista at Sunset

It's this weekend, right? The days start getting shorter already? Needed to take the dog up to Aspen Vista after work while there's still light.


It was already pretty much in shade by the time we were on the trail at 7:15 (after fish tacos at California Pastrami). But the sun peeking over the mountains and through the trees made for some beautiful scenery.

About an hour-and-a-half total, easy going. For the trip up, Cheyenne was at the end of the leash, and wasn't ready to turn around when the time came. She spotted the deer above the trail, but luckily, not the deer leg by the side.

One more dog photo, 'cause I'm happy with how it came out.


Smileyfreak said...

Lovely photo :) Looks like a beautiful trail

dori said...

great pix! you guys look great. Love the trees shot.

I'll be in Scottsdale AZ for a week next week. Care for an 8-hour (I'm guessing) road trip, or possibly a meet-me-halfway-somewhere-in-the-desert situation?

C-dell said...

Cool blog seems like you are having fun. I like your dog too.

Bram said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. Aspen Vista is a great trail — best in fall, but terrific year-round. And a great place for walking the houndie.

MEREMEKE said...

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