Weekends Past

As noted, Andy was around last weekend. Arrived into ABQ Friday night, leaving us time to stay up way too late talking. Come Saturday, it was his goal to eat stuff here that couldn't be gotten elsewhere; we started, by request, returning to Flying Star.

Lingered long over breakfast, putting off the hike. 'Cause I had the idea to return to Sun Mountain and hike that in the better weather. Except, last weekend, it wasn't. It was gray and windy and is that clouds up in the mountains or snow? We'd better get going now. Collected the dog and set off.

Arroyo was running a bit, the ground was kind of muddy until it gave way to the packed snow that was lingering. Packed and slippery, making that up and down part extra fun. When we made it to the saddleback (and looked to the mountains behind us) decided that was the destination. We can't catch a break on this hike, it seems.

Through the cold and gray to the car; a stop at Albertson's to get Andy some green chiles to take home (to take the place of the hiking boots he was leaving), and some milk. For hot chocolate. By the fire. Never mind that it was getting sunny by the time we were driving, and the car was certainly plenty warm. We opened up the flue and got the fireplace going for the first time this season. And, because we'd gotten our exercise, wasted the rest of the afternoon by the fire reading comics.

(Returning from the drive, this:)

Dinner, Lan's (come to Santa Fe for the Vietnamese food!), Andy's idea (it had been a while). Then, 'cause it was pretty nice around sunset, some wandering the Plaza and then ducking into Inn of the Anasazi for a little dessert. Home, for the staying up way too late.

Sunday, to Louie's — it may not be New Mexican, but it is very Santa Fe. And off to the airport to get Andy on his 1:00 flight home. Monica stayed home to work on some unspecified sewing project (surprise! repairing my 20+-year-old fencing bag), I ran some errands in Albuquerque, including dropping our books off at Page One.

Weary, Stacy's invitation over to dinner was most welcome. The dogs socialized, we visited, had a great Smörgåsbord dinner. Monica was recruited to help Stacy experiment with Bob's Ultimate Bagel Recipe.

Results weren't what Stacy had hoped (the bagel fairy made a delivery Tuesday), but we've just received an email that she thinks she's worked out the problems.


As I blogged Friday, off. A good day to stay inside and work on stuff at your own pace.

Chores yesterday, slept in today. While Monica took on the chamisas in the yard, Cheyenne and I headed (most of the way) up Atalaya.

About two hours total, in the high-60s, cloudless sky. She was still dragging for this evening's walk around the block.

Ribs due to come out the oven now.

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