Wintry Weekend

New Mexico Open

The annual fencing tournament was this past weekend. Setup Friday night, and the foil competition was due to begin Sunday at the perfectly reasonable hour of 10:30. When the gray morning rolled around, with about an inch of snow on the ground (the unpaved part) … it was so tempting to just skip. But, up, packed my stuff, drove through the light snowfall to pick up some more gear at the club, and to Prep.

Had an easy start in my pools, and I kept it going from there — a few tough ones, and I turned around a couple. Won four, and lost one (in a pretty big way), my best showing yet. Seeded 7th out of 19 — which drew me Tony, who I fence with (and generally lose to) about every week at the club. At least I gave him a run; here he is, standing his ground, in the next bout:

Final standing: 9th. That wrapped me up around 2:00, spent some time helping clean up, back home to gather those yard debris piles out of the snow, and then back to the club to unload. With the extra-long conclusion to season four, it was a longish day.

Living With Art … On A Trial Basis

We've been looking to buy a painting from Jamie for a while now, but with this and that, it's taken a while to bring it together. Finally got together at his studio to discuss — where Jamie assured us that his acrylic paintings, since acrylics were first designed for signage, would be just fine on the big blank living room wall opposite the window. The one we could never quite figure out what to hang there.

He didn't have many paintings around though and, while just about anything of Jamie's would be great, there wasn't one that we immediately took to. Plus, not sure about the color or size … so he sent us off with one to try out, until we figure out what we'll be doing:

Ah, inevitably a dog picture. Oh, wait, an even cuter one:

In Other News

Saturday's 7000 BC meeting was held at Artisan, where they have a python named Delilah:

And the post's title may not be entirely accurate, but it's clear that the respite we've been getting for most of November is over. Sunday's snow melted, but it's now consistently below freezing overnight. Undeniably, winter's here.


Jim said...

The dog is so much cuter than the python.

Bram said...

It's not really a fair comparison -- to get Cheyenne to get that great expression, Monica said "cookie?!"

Nobody was saying "chicken?! to Delilah.