And This Weekend

We all slept in Saturday morning, relishing, for the first time in four weekends, not having to drive to Albuquerque at least once. Again, beautiful fall weather, so made a Santa Fe kind of morning out of it. A walk to the Farmers Market, hanging out with the dogwatcher there, making some new friends, and picking up some root vegetables — golden beets to have roasted and over salad, and a black radish that we have no idea what to do with.

But look at it, how weird … how could we resist?

Kicked around some and then stopped by Teca Tu to restock Cheyenne's treats. And to get her an early birthday present: a grunty hedgehog that she carried home for all of a couple minutes.

It's now in the closet, "recharging."

The rest of the weekend was all chores. That afternoon, we finally uncovered the compost that we'd sealed off in the winter when Cheyenne got too interested in it. And … soil!

Huh. It works.

Still needs more time, though, so turned it all, rebuilt the straw walls, and rewrapped the pile, now about 2/3 the size it was. Maybe will be good enough in the spring.

Then it was returning that Russian Olive to the back yard. In its mulched form, from the pile that's been residing in our driveway. That picked up again Sunday afternoon, after cleaning and groceries. Monica, off from work Monday, set about scraping and caulking and painting the canales … we're looking at a lot of chore catch-up this month.

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