Friday Night on Canyon Road, and What Came After

Jamie's (or maybe this link) annual show was moved up a month from previous years'. From opposite directions, we made the trek to the opening for Mix Friday night.

Jamie was experimenting more with scale and subject; as usual, the paintings were amazing. The gallery produced a video about his process; it's interesting, after years of working with him, we'd never actually seen Jamie paint:

Danny got there under his own power and joined us for the evening. You can't take him and and Monica anywhere.

(Traditional Jamie In Front Of His Art Portrait here)

Saturday morning, as a part of preparations for the day, we got to stop by Tarts' Treats. The homemade lox was tasty, the fruit scone was delicious, dogs are welcome (and petted and given water) on the patio; we chatted with Rebecca, the owner, who seems a pretty awesome person.

And then it was time for the 7000 BC meeting/workshop at Warehouse 21. We had one enthusiastic particpant — and then waited over an hour for the rest to show up (promised at 1:30 that one of the students' mom was picking up a bunch more). I mean, we don't expect anyone in Santa Fe to show up on time … but really? And hour and twenty mintues? Anyway, it came together and teachers much more tolerant than me ran a good class; photos at the Flickr stream.

Sunday was due to be chore day, someone shops and someone cleans. While we were all putting it off, the Greyhound Scream Of Death came from outside. We ushered her back inside, looked her over, Monica thought she was squatting when it happened. Soon, we realized the horrible yelps were coming when she was trying to pee … and there went the rest of the day at "e-vet". Nothing against the great folks there; plenty of much more pressing emergencies (and she managed to find a new boyfriend in the vet tech). After several hours, turns out Cheyenne was suffering from a "raging urinary tract infection." I'm figuring, being such a tough girl, she hid her symptoms for a while. Eventually we all arrived home, awfully beat; painkillers and antibiotics solved Cheyenne's problem pretty quickly.

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Raphael Della Ratta said...

Welcome to parenting, where plans are most of the time upset by these little illnesses.