thank you Liz + Hans!!!

Friends (and former neighbors) of my parents have an older dog (Beatnik) who doesn't play with his toys as much as he used to. So Liz + Hans packed up a bunch of them + sent them to us for Cheyenne. They arrived today. We plan to keep them in reserve, so that we'll be able to "treat" her with new toys when we need to keep her occupied.

So this afternoon she got (and de-squeaked) the chipmunk:

And tonight we broke out the 2-headed-rattle-and-squeak-purple-and-yellow-leopardskin snake, 'cause it was pretty dang hilarious:

Yeah yeah, I know, at this rate there won't be any in reserve!


PaulBob said...

That dog's clearly a trained killer! That's the kind of aggression and "go for the throat" instinct that served her so well on the track.

Oh, fer cute, then.

Anonymous said...

why would you annoy the dog with "your" toy? obviously she is much to smart to fall for your trickery.