Cerro Grande

Cheese fondue for our 12-22 Fondue on Saturday night.

And Sunday, we drove up to the Caldera to see about a hike up there. I figured the view would be pretty and snow-covered, and that the snow on the trail would already be pretty worn down from other hikers. Getting to the trailhead, looked like one, maybe two, people and a coyote had been on it since the snow, leaving us about 6" of powder to slog through. None of us were really equipped for that, so we drove on to one of the overlooks to see the Caldera, then turned around and picked a more popular trail on the edges of Bandelier.

The Cerro Grande trail leads to the edge of Frijoles Canyon; last year, when Jorge and I went skiing, we ended our day on the trail.

Set out into the woods. The snow trail was kind of packed, cross-country skiiers, snowshoers, and other hikers had been through, but it was still kind of slow going. Air temperature was around freezing, but it felt warmer in the sun and especially once we got going.

We made it to the overlook, stopped for a bit, and then headed back; out for about two hours total. Definitely earned our stop at Starbucks in Los Alamos.

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