RK in SF

We first saw Reckless Kelly in concert almost 10 years ago. While on vacation visiting S. at Chinati, out in east Texas, a co-worker of his suggested that we go to the neighboring town (about 60 miles away) to check out a band that was playing there that evening. We headed out, passing by the Marfa Lights, to Railroad Blues. And we had a great time. It was a big place, with a friendly crowd and great selection of beer, and Reckless Kelly, playing for tips. We were blown away — they put a great show with an energetic country-rock sound, and capped it off with their take on "You Shook Me All Night Long," complete with a fiddle solo and jam that, I swear, went on for an hour.

A few months later, I tracked them down online, intending to get a CD for Monica's birthday. And discovered that they had just been in Arlington, at the bar a couple blocks up the street. But they returned several times over the years and we managed to catch them, always enjoying the shows.

Santa Fe doesn't really get a lot of touring musicians. Just after we moved here, The Paramount closed down, which we've come to understand was the preeminent performance space. Plus, it really is kind of out of the way of the major markets. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the RK mailing list announcing their show in town at Santa Fe Brewing. It was last night, and Shriek came along with us.


Another dynamic performance. They mixed in a lot of their older material with the new, and a couple Richard Thompson covers. A few folks in the crowd seemed to know their music, but it wasn't long before the floor was crowded with dancers (and I mean some couples who could really two-step) and new fans. It was the first time they stopped off in Santa Fe, and I know there's a lot of people who will want to see them return.

I'd brought along my old RK hat, picked up years ago. Figured if I could get the band to sign it, I'd retire it and pick up a new one.

Opening act was The Ryan McGarvey Band, whose blues-rock mix really geared up the crowd.

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