Prairie Puppies

Over the past week or so, I've noticed the emergence of prairie pups. They're just a bit bigger than a mouse right now (and lack the little pot bellies), and, according to a neighbor who's been watching them, they shadow the activities of the adults.

I headed down the hill this morning to get a picture. Keep in mind that, despite what you see on CSI, you can't just enlarge and enhance a photo.

As I got closer, they scurried into their hole. And, thanks to this guy continuing to sound the alarm for as long as I stood there, they all stayed below ground.

Yesterday, we headed over to the Farmers Market for a Santa Fe Baking Company burrito breakfast. The Market was pretty crowded, and some of the produce is really starting to come in.

Then to the Santa Fe Outlets for the Circus De Arte. The outlets are way on the south end of town; there are a few of the usual outlet sort of stores, but a fair amount of vacancies as well. Last year, Peanut Gallery set up shop there and started running exhibitions. For this event, artists took over the vacant stores and set up their work, and there were activities and performances in the central common areas. We checked out the art and stuck around a bit for some trapeze and tumbling by Wise Fool.


andy said...

Don't you get bubonic plague from playing with prairie dog (at least in New Mexico, accorinding to Lahey Hospital where Liz works) ?

Bram said...

Stalking wild animals is not without its risks.