We awoke to snow this morning. How much? Let's check the Throckmorton Gauge:

A couple inches, there's still some coming down (or maybe just blowing around) that ended while this was posting.

Apparently, there was some snow up in the mountains this past week. And now it seems like they're getting some more.

Certainly not the answer to all our problems, but should add to the .04" of precipitation we've got so far this year.

Arrived back home without incident last night, beating the storm (which I just figured was weatherman panic and/or wishful thinking anyway). With a little time between check-out at the hotel and check-in at the airport, I headed to Brennan's to bring home a brick of cheese, and then to the Pabst Mansion for a glimpse at Victorian-era life. Handcrafted woodwork everywhere throughout the house, just amazing to look at. In many ways, the building was innovative (heating, cooling, electricity); but with its soaring ceilings in the huge spaces that still managed to be dark, also very much of its time.

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Anonymous said...

We got snow here is central AZ too -mucho rare! Me blog has a picture. -Hey, I'm just glad for ANY precip in these parts!